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  • No CD and DVD Pack included, Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key Only .
  • Support for online activation of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium versions, does not support Windows 7 Home Premium N version.
  • One key for one computer, for 1 PC activate license key for permanent.
  • Free download of Microsoft Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 English Edition system image.
  • Support Windows 7 Home Premium all languages version.
  • 100% Working License, World-wide Availability.

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Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Features

Windows 7 Features


Buy Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key

With Windows 7 Home Premium you can easily create a home network and share all your favorite photos, videos and music. You can even watch, pause, rewind, and record TV shows. The best entertainment experience with Windows 7 Home Premium.
Developer: Microsoft
Release stage: official version

Windows 7 Home Premium Introduction

Easier to use

Use some new navigation features to make computer operations simple, such as shaking, Jump List, and mouse dragging. Customize the look and feel of Windows to your personal preferences by changing the theme and taskbar programs. Whether it’s setting up a home network or connecting to printers and devices, these operations have never been easier. Windows 7 Home Premium supports the latest hardware and software.


Designed to make your computer sleep and recover faster.
Take advantage of the hardware and memory of your 64-bit computer.
It’s quick and easy to connect to a wireless network.

Computer entertainment experience

Watch, pause, rewind, and record TV shows using Windows Media Center.
Watch your favorite DVD movies.
Join the integrated video and Dolby audio codec.

Windows 7 Home Premium Reason for purchase

TV Movie

Windows 7 Home Premium can use Windows Media Center to watch, pause, and record live TV shows – then store live TV shows on your laptop, phone, or portable media player for you to take with you. Media Center now supports more global TV standards, and if your media and monitors are HD, you can enjoy the video in full HD mode.

Transmission Medium

Windows 7 Home Premium lets you transfer music and video to other computers running Windows 7 at home or to compatible TV and stereo devices on your home network. If you are in a remote location (office, coffee shop, airport lounge), you can use the Remote Media Streaming feature to access music, videos, and photos on your home computer over the Internet.

Sharing At Home

Windows 7 Home Premium makes it easy to share music, photos, videos, documents, and even printers between multiple computers running Windows 7 on your home network with the Family Group feature. Once you’ve set up your family group, just select the “library” you want to share.

Game Fun

Whether you’re fighting aliens, off-ground, or chasing other types of monsters in some virtual worlds, you’ll be amazed by some of the real-life images of DirectX 11. What’s more, Windows 7 Home Premium comes with a variety of fun games, including a variety of popular Internet games that compete online with opponents anywhere in the world.

Reflect Personality

Windows 7 is designed to achieve top performance. If you choose Windows 7 Home Premium (or upgrade from Windows 7 Lite to Home Premium), you’ll also get personalized PC fun (like free themes) and some useful new desktop features like Shake and Desktop Perspective.

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  1. Genuine Cause

    Works for Boot Camp on a mac.
    This is a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium and worked perfectly for running Boot Camp on my Mac. If you are looking to add the windows environment on your Mac using Boot Camp, I can tell you this version of Windows worked well for me. You will need to add a separate wireless antenna (like a usb stick) because the Windows drivers only recognize a few of the hardware items in the Mac. Didn’t recognize the internal wireless adapter, nor the internal speakers. It does recognize the CAT5 slot for a wired connection and all of the usb slots. It did not recognize the thunderbolt slot.

  2. John

    Works great for building a pc or in bootcamp
    I used this to install on bootcamp for my mac book pro 15 retina. It came in a little paper and installed quickly. No problems.

  3. Nonslip bloodbathmat

    So much better than Windows 8.
    My parents spent 15 years learning to use the classic windows OS-a desktop, a start menu, an intuitive GUI…

    Then some Rooster-Nibbler decided to come out with the POS called Windows 8. After they struggled to use that abomination for a little over a year and a half, I threw in the towel and bought this (blessedly intuitive) OS and had it installed.

    Now, we’re back to “happy”.

  4. Mr. Logical

    Windows 7 rocks!
    Easy install and I like how if there is anything left on your drive from an older version, it will back it up in a “windows.old” file. If you dont have anything on your drive you are installing this on, just format it, boot from the disc and in no time, your ready to rock and roll. Put your disc in a safe place that you will remember where its at too in case you ever have to reload it again and always back all of your important stuff up in a few different places.

  5. pnhaz

    It works!
    This installs a full version of Windows 7 (64 bit) onto your computer that will be validated and authenticated (comes with serial key).
    I built a new PC (all new parts) and loaded this onto a brand new hard drive. I ran into driver issues (NOT related to this product) and had to format and re-install Windows 7 using the same disc. I ran into no problems re-installing with the same disc (on the same PC).

  6. Darrell Smith

    My favorite Windows version
    Really like this version of Windows. I believe that this version was well refined because of the user beta that was used for its development. Unlike Vista, the beta really helped to make a more polished product. With the introduction of Windows 8 my opinion of Windows 7 is even more solidified. If you are looking for a well rounded, ‘traditional’ desktop environment in the Windows world, consider this version.

  7. Darren Williams

    Genuine OS! This NOT pirated software!
    NOTE: It is a genuine windows OS! You can activate this os over the phone and the internet. It only took a 3 minute was up and running flawlessly. I installed this on a new build that I put together myself. Installed the first time with no problems at all.